The Future

Following publication of the Feasibility Study, there are three phases to our future development

Phase 1
Immediate Future: Re-resourcing the project
Time Scale: 2011 – 2013

Don Valley Railway, as a project, has existed for eight years. It has made progress but has not got to a point of delivery.  What is now needed is a big push to re-launch the project on a larger scale so that it can actually start to deliver a business plan.

To achieve this we have developed the feasibility study and work is ongoing on a Project Management Plan towards delivery.  Alongside this, campaigning to build support is ongoing. Active participants in the project are sought to manage the project and deliver awareness campaigns, undertake fund-raising, manage communications and help develop the deliverable project.

If you are interested in giving support, contact us on or use the link to the Support us page

Phase 2
The Business Plan: Sheffield to Deepcar
Time Scale: 2012–2014

Building on the feasibility study and with a fully resourced project team, the objective of the Don Valley Railway Project is to contribute to the delivery of a rail service for the Upper Don Valley.

This involves:

  • campaigning for the opening of the route
  • fundraising and resource building in ways that will assist in the opening of the route
  • putting together a project management plan to deliver a rail service to the Upper Don Valley
  • undertaking work that fills gaps in the process towards the development of the route.

We have contact with key partners, Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire PTE, Network Rail and TATA. We have a close watch on key developments along the line. We have the overwhelming support of the residents of the Upper Don Valley.

The Feasibility Study has set out the basis on which a business model should be built. It is now up to us to present a viable project .

We believe that a viable service exists could be developed on the route. However it appears unlikely that a standard Northern Rail franchised rail service will be developed for the route. Heritage railways generally operate with a 25 mph speed limit. This would affect our ability to offer a viable passenger service which is fast enough and frequent enough.

Link to Business Plan Brief


Phase 3: Further future aspirations
Time Scale: Largely 2015 and beyond:

Future aspirations of the project include the following:

  • constant improvement process for the Don Valley Railway
  • extending the project west to Penistone and Manchester and east to link with the South Yorkshire transport network

This aspect of the project is clearly a part of the project that generally follows Phase 2, however, that is not to say that there are things that we could be doing now.

One thing we have done is to collaborate with the Re-Open the Woodhead Line Group so that Don Valley Railway and Woodhead aspirations can be aligned. It is also possible that Don Valley Railway could be combined with improvements to the South Yorkshire Rail network east of Sheffield Victoria. DVR could extend to link with Supertram at Nunnery or go even further.

In order to deliver Phase 2 we may need to collaborate with other organisations ( e.g. for funding purposes) and the initial delivered scheme could vary from the scheme put forward in the feasibility study.

Other proposals may come forward that affect our proposal.

After we have introduced the service between Sheffield and Stocksbridge, we could look at improving stations, opening new stations, improving the rolling stock, infrastructure work around stations.

Beyond that we could look to link to Penistone (an altogether bigger project) and Manchester (even bigger still).

If you are interested in giving support, contact us on or use the link to the Support us page

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