As hoped for, Don Valley Railway, are absolutely delighted to hear the good news  that funding has been allocated by the Government to develop a Strategic Outline Business Case to bring passenger trains to Stocksbridge.

We have campaigned since 2004 to get the line used for passenger services, and the news that a full study is being progressed is the culmination of efforts by all its members and supporters.

Proposals see the line running into a re-opened Sheffield Victoria Station along with possible new stations at Deepcar. Oughtibridge, Wadsley Bridge, and possibly even Kelham Island.

The Department for Transport launched its £500 million Restoring Your Railway Fund back in late 2019.  Along with other MPs, local councils and community groups across the country our MP, Miriam Cates (MP for Stocksbridge and Penistone), sponsored the bid with the assistance of SYMCA (South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority) which is widely supported across the area.

A successful bid will be a game changer for accessibility in the Upper Don Valley. Journey times from Stocksbridge are likely to be reduced significantly. At recent consultations in Stocksbridge for Towns Fund proposals, which features Don Valley Railway on its board, the opening of the line was a hot topic for discussion.

A possible outcome could see rail services going beyond Sheffield too. Last year similar funding was granted for services on the Barrow Hill Line to Chesterfield with stops at Darnall, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Woodhouse and other new stations. This may also utilise the currently redundant Victoria Station running services into the other (eastern) end. It may make it  possible to run cross-city services from the Upper Don Valley across to the eastern side of Sheffield and on to Chesterfield or Worksop.

Chris Bell (head campaigner for Don Valley Railway) says “This may only be the start of several huge steps we need to go before trains will start to operate on the line, but it represents a huge step in the right direction for our cause”.




1, Don Valley Railway aims to introduce passenger services between Stocksbridge/Deepcar and central Sheffield using the currently freight-only railway line between and serving Liberty Steelworks in Stocksbridge from Woodburn Junction in Sheffield with the future aspiration of extending this service along the route of the Woodhead Rail line from the Junction at Deepcar.

2, An engineering feasibility study find that the Don Valley Railway has the potential for operating a reliable commuter rail service along the route between Sheffield and Stocksbridge which it is hoped will contribute to creating a business case for the re-opening of passenger services on the rail link. Further study work has been undertaken more recently by Sheffield City Region (Now SYMCA)

3, Two Bids were submitted by Sheffield City Region (Now SYMCA) for the project which in March 2020 and March 2021.

4, Further Enquiries can be addressed to Chris Bell at

Tel 07986 759259.




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