The Don Valley Railway Gets a New Look

As you can see from this brand spanking, shiny new website, the Don Valley Railway has been dealt a bit of a spring clean.

Our graphic designer could no doubt give a verbose rationale about the whys and wherefores of the new logo being key to the corporate identity’s alignment with the group’s intentions and that maintaining a consistent graphic langua…

Sorry, I fell asleep whilst typing that sentence. Where was I? Erm, well lets just say the Don Valley Railway has been given a much overdue fresh coat of paint. It’s still drying though, so go steady as a lot of the pages are still a little wet, or a bit patchy. The web elves are on it though, brushing furiously, so keep your eyes on the site and you’ll notice it all starting to come together over the next few weeks.

In addition, you might have noticed we’ve now been dragged into that there modern age people keep talking about. For one thing, we’ve got this frightfully trendy blog which we’re going to update regularly, and if you look down at the page footer you’ll see we’re also now on all those there modern, fancy social media outlets they have these days. So get clicking, feel free to connect up with us, and see what’s going on behind these fancy new graphics.

While we’re here we should just say a big thanks to Codecraft Online for the continued hosting and generosity over the past few years, and the helpful support over the past few weeks when changing over to the new site on their shiny, brand new and obscenely powerful server. It’s fair to say that all our repeated nagging was dealt with promptly and with much patience. If you’re after web hosting, give them a call!

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